The Perfect Valentine’s Skincare Gift Guide

February 12, 2020



If you’re someone special is a self-proclaimed skin-care guru, then you’ve come to the right place! Any beauty lover in your life would be beyond thankful for one of these beauties. However, knowing exactly what gift to buy them on Valentine’s Day is only half the battle, finding out which product is best for their skin type is the other. We’ll help you narrow down your choices because the options are endless. Read on for skin-care gifts that are sure to make anyone fall in love.


Normal Skin is defined as having
  • smooth texture
  • healthy glow
  • fine pores
  • no visible greasy patches or flakiness
If these characteristics describe your bae, then the Jellyfish Peptide Oxygen Mask is for them! Find more products for normal skin here.


Combination skin is defined as
  • dry
  • flaking on the cheeks
  • oily t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin)
If this combination of descriptors describes your boo, then Rose Advanced Radiance Toner is the right choice for them! Find more products for combination skin here.


Oily and acne prone skin is described as
  • large open pores
  • shiny complexion
  • frequent blackheads and pimples
If these characteristics define your honey’s skin, then the Lemon Blossom Skin Refining Cream is the right choice for them! Find more products for oil and acne prone skin here.


Dry skin is defined as
  • skin feels tight
  • skin feels and looks rough
  • possible itchiness
  • slight to severe flaking, scaling or peeling
  • fine lines or cracks
  • redness
  • grayness/ashiness

If this sounds like your sweetheart, then Hyaluronic Concentrate is perfect for their skin! Find more products for dry and dehydrated skin here.


Sensitive skin is defined as
  • prone to flushing, rashes, and bumps
  • dry patches
  • skin feels itchy
  • redness
  • reactive to new products
  • stinging or burning sensation
  • sunburn easily
  • easily breakout
If this describes your beloved, then 24 Hour Repair Solution is the perfect match for them! Find more products for sensitive skin here.


Mature skin is described as
  • loss of skin elasticity
  • skin has become more fragile
  • increased dryness
  • fine lines ans wrinkles
  • uneven texture and complexion

If this is your cutie pie’s main skin concern then, DNA + FGF + EGF Anti-Aging Cream will work wonders on their skin. Find more anti-aging products here.


Uneven/dull skin is defined as
  • dark spots/hyperpigmentation
  • rough texture
  • visible pores
  • fine lines
  • lack of radiance
If these characteristics describes our love’s skin then, Aloe Enzyme Exfoliator will do the trick! Find more products for uneven/dull skin here.