Why Are My Pores SO BIG?

November 5, 2019



Pores become enlarged when oil and debris get trapped inside causing them to expand. Additionally, sun damage and other environmental factors can make their appearance worse. Daily buildup of oil and grime can make your pores look up to five times larger — so clearing out the gunk is essential! Overall,the size and look of your pores depend on factors like genetics, skin type, and age. Regardless of their size, pores serve a very important purpose for your skin. They allow the skin to breathe and provide a passageway between the inside and outside of the body. Your healthy pores are crucial for healthy skin.There are a few keys ways to make them less noticeable. Here’s our guide to shrinking the appearance of enlarged pores:

Cleanse Daily

Daily cleansing and regular exfoliation are the best ways to keep pores fresh and clean. You can cleanse twice a day or once a day. If you decide to cleanse once a day, choose the night time. At the end of the day, your skin will have a lot of built up dirt, grime and makeup (if you wear it), and it’s critical to clear that all out before going to bed.


Look for a gentle exfoliator. Though exfoliation is important for shedding dead skin cells, you can end up irritating your skin by over-exfoliating or using harsh scrubs. A rougher exfoliation method can lead to redness and swelling which can cause your pores to appear even larger.

Use Heat

Heat or steam is the best way to open up pores so you can get everything out. Try briefly steaming your face or applying a warm washcloth before cleansing and exfoliating.

Glycolic Acid

Products containing glycolic acid are some of the best at treating the appearance of enlarged pores. Glycolic acid works to dissolve dead skin cells and absorb oil. Lactic acid comes as a close second, but it is the weaker than glycolic. However both can be equally as effective.


Use BHA to remove any build-up in the pore that may be stretching it out.


Concentrated niacinamide has the ability to normalize the pore lining so it can return to its regular shape and size..

Avoid oil-based creams.

Lathering on heavy oil-based creams is a recipe for a clogged-pore disaster. These oils will mix with dead skin cells and end up congesting pores. If you have oily skin or are prone to clogged pores choose a water-based moisturizer instead.

Use SPF Daily

Wearing broad spectrum sunscreen is the only way to protect your skin from sun damage. UV rays and pollution cause free radicals to break down collagen and elastin in skin. Making pores look larger while increasing premature signs of aging.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Unless your in the middle of your skin care routine, keep your hands off your face! The bacteria on your fingers can transfer onto your skin and make their way into your pores. Picking at clogged pores or a pimple can be tempting. But ultimately, it usually results in bleeding, scabbing and even scarring. Many broad spectrum sunscreen formulas result in a lot of shine and make skin look oily and pores look more prominent. Primers that contain SPF (of 35 or higher) are a perfect solution to this problem. They reduce shine by matte-ifying skin while also providing a more even skin tone and sun protection.   Pro Tip: Applying illumining/shimmery makeup all over your face can highlight enlarged pores. Keep shiny makeup limited to the areas on the face that naturally have smaller pores. These spots include the tops of the cheekbones, the upper bridge of the nose, the area of forehead near your hairline, and above the eyelids. Use matte products on any areas with larger pores. This technique will draw the eye to the smoother areas of your skin.