The Best Products for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

October 8, 2019



Whether you struggle with keeping your skin hydrated, or have dry skin that gets worse during the colder months. It can be difficult to find products that work well for dry and dehydrated skin. Here are four hydrating products that will keep you moisturized and flourishing throughout the seasonal changes to your skin.

Deep Cleansing Gel

Infused with Rose Essential Oil and bio-actives extracted from Magnolia and Orchid. Our Magnolia Deep Cleansing Gel is the perfect cleansing formula to keep dry and dehydrated skin moisturized.

Hydrating Toner

Made with hydrating Aloe, Cucumber and Hyaluronic Acid. Our Magnolia Hydrating Toner increases skin’s hydration from its original state by 50%!

Hyaluronic + Q10 Concentrate Blend

Ideal for boosting in elasticity and hydration in dry and dehydrated skin . Our Hyaluronic + Q10 Concentrate helps prevent ongoing loss of hydration, made with Seaweed, Aloe, and Witch Hazel extract.

Hydrating Gel Cream

Our Hypoallergenic Hydrating Gel Cream offers immediate hydration, and lasting results with continued use. The formula contains hydrating Hyaluronc Acid, Japanese Cherry Blossom and β-Glucan.