Skin First, Makeup (Optional)

October 29, 2019



Skincare is essential, makeup should be a choice.


In an attempt to make ourselves feel more beautiful by piling on makeup, a lot of us are actually damaging our skin. Absolutely nothing is wrong with wanting to wear makeup, but make sure you’re taking care of your makeup’s most important base- your skin! Our skincare products are designed to make your skin look and feel the best it’s ever been. We know everyone’s skin is different. Which is why each product featured on our website is curated to address multiple skin concerns. Before you invest in foundation and concealer to cover up, consider investing in a skin care routine first.

Your Skin Needs Time To Breathe

Wearing makeup daily will clog up your pores, continuously stressing your skin. Clogged-up pores leads to blemished skin, and blemished skin can lead to applying even more makeup. It can become an endless cycle that doesn’t address the real problem. This cycle can easily be broken if you let your skin breathe  more often and invest in products that address all your skin concerns.


Clean skin is important to maintaining a healthy, unblemished face. Makeup remover is not enough to get a deep clean, and can be extremely drying for your skin. A good facial cleanser will leave you feeling clean and fresh without stripping skin of moisture. If you struggle with dry or oily skin incorporating a toner into your daily routine is imperative! Toning is essentially balancing skin back to it’s natural pH and restoring much needed moisture. Toning your skin can also purge skin of any residual oil, makeup, and impurities. Chances are you won’t see immediate changes in your skin when you start a new skin care regimen. Inconsistency with your routine can really hurt your results. You need a couple weeks of consistency before you can really tell if your routine is effective or not. Remember to keep your expectations realistic. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. With changing your routine for the better, it might lead to a lot of impurities being brought to the surface of your skin. This can cause you to break out unexpectedly, and make you think your new products aren’t working.

Learn What Products Work Best For Your Skin

Contrary to popular belief: moisturizer isn’t for everyone. People struggling with dry, cracked, or aging skin should probably invest in a moisturizer. If you plan to wear makeup, use a priming moisturizer, and make sure the makeup remover you’re using in alcohol free and non-drying. We hope your results will be enhanced once you know what to expect from our product line. Never feel pressured to use a product that’s not working just because it’s popular. You know what’s best for you. Discontinue use of any product if you experience redness, excessive flaking, increased dryness, stinging sensation, or discomfort. This can be a trying process that requires a lot of trail and error. But the end result will be happy healthy skin with a a natural glow. Makeup is optional but a little mascara never hurt anybody.