• Tea-Tree

Tea Tree Cooling Jelly Mask

The Tea Tree Oil Control Jelly Cooling Mask acts as an antiseptic treatment that detoxes clogged pores and refines oily skin.

Infused with witch hazel, aloe and zinc gluconates. which help regulate sebum flow and penetrate the skin to deliver deep hydration. Piroctone olamine helps prevent breakouts and will leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and calm each morning.

Skin Types: Best suited for all skin types. Especially useful for oily or acne-prone skin.

Capacity:            8.50 Fl. Oz. / 250mL



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This cleansing night gel mask is ideal for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin. The Tea Tree Cooling Jelly Mask acts as an anti-septic treatment that leaves skin feeling fresh and refined.

The witch hazel and aloe extract restore pores back to a healthy state. The tea tree oil, zinc gluconate and grapefruit seed extract is used to combat the over secretion of sebum,  while the sodium hyaluronate and panthenol help skin retain hydration.

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