Before You Pop That Pimple..Try This Out

September 19, 2019



Many things can cause breakouts, like stress, hormones, genetic predisposition, and an unhealthy diet. Waking up to a ugly red pimple on your face can be a major blow to your self-confidence. But, before you pop that pimple think about the long term consequences! As long as you do it in a sterile environment to prevent infection, popping a pimple every once in a while will probably be OK. However, you really shouldn’t make a habit out of popping your pimples. Instead, if you find yourself battling a nasty whitehead or blackhead that you need to get rid of quickly, use our 3 Seconds Concealing Gel. It contains soothing tea tree oil and cucumber extract, to reduce redness and help your body speed up its natural healing process.

Why It’s Dangerous

Popping a pimple releases the bacteria inside the pimple, onto your face. You’re also putting yourself at an increased risk for scarring and infection. Certain types of pimples and pustules should never be popped without the help of a dermatologist. They include cystic acne and pimples deep under the surface layer of your skin. If you can’t see a visible whitehead or blackhead on the pimple, don’t try it. You won’t be able to pop it without causing serious damage to your skin. You also run the risk of exposing the inner layers of your skin to bacteria and other irritants. By doing so, you may slow down your natural healing process. Which may lead to permanent scarring and potentially spreading bacteria all over your face, causing more pimples to appear. Applying makeup right over an open pimple could trap bacteria into your skin.

Patience and Consistency Are Key

Try using a face wash and skin care products containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and oral isotretinoin. Products containing these ingredients will help prevent clogged pores, reduce oil production, inflammation, and skin bacteria. If you have constant breakouts, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist who can set you up with a personalized treatment plan. If you don’t want to use any over-the-counter or prescribed acne treatments, don’t worry there are more natural ways to combat pimples. For instance, eating a well balanced diet, reducing stress, and not popping your pimples will reduce how long pimples stick around and prevent future flareups.