How Often You Can Exfoliate

February 3, 2020



Wondering how often should you exfoliate your face? Well you’ve come to the right place!

What happens if you exfoliate too much?

Over-exfoliation is one of the major skincare no no’s a lot of us make. Over-exfoliation is when you exfoliate too often, or use an exfoliation method that is too harsh, like an abrasive scrub. The results can be very damaging to your skin.  Your skin will get irritated, and you can become more susceptible to dry, flaky patches. Over-exfoliating is also probably the single most significant cause of breakouts. The absolute maximum you should be exfoliating is three times a week. More than three times a week is too much exfoliation for any skin type. Over-exfoliating will likely create tiny cracks in the skin barrier, which lead to loss of hydration and inflammation.

Not all scrubs are bad

Gentle scrubs can effectively remove flakes and make dull skin glow again. Try to use scrubs that incorporate  sugar crystals. Sugar is mild and effective at gently dissolving dead skin cells without irritation. This makes them great for the thin areas around the mouth and eyes. You can easily make a sugar scrub at home with natural ingredients, a cost effective solution for dull skin.

How often you should exfoliate by skin type

Sensitive: 1-2 times a week Oily: 2-3 times a week Combo: 2-3 times a week Dry: 1-2 Mature: 2 times a week We all have different skin types. That is why we all have to exfoliate at different rates and use different types of exfoliants. What works for normal skin types will not work for sensitive skin and so on. To help you minimize negative side effects for your skin, follow the information above. As always please remember to wear SPF daily as any kind of exfoliator can increase sun sensitivity. Also, when introducing a new chemical exfoliant into your routine, start slowly! Use it 1 time a week and slowly increase your frequency by 2 week increments until your skin fully adjusts.