How To Address Acne At Every Stage

February 24, 2020



Double CleanseX3

Make sure you’re cleansing thoroughly every day. Yes, that includes removing your makeup all the way. To fully dissolve excess oil and purify pores, try oil cleansing first then using a cleanser formulated with milk protein and betaglucan. Our Deep Cleansing Gel is an excellent choice.

Use A Spot Treatment

Battling active blemishes? Apply a spot treatment to zap individual pimples. Our 3 Seconds Cleansing Gel is a bestseller and fan favorite!  Esculin and cucumber extract soothe skin and reduce redness, while tea tree oil reduces blemish size and redness quickly.

How To Battle Dark Spots

Reduce the appearance of scarring and post-acne dark spots with vitamin C and ferulic acid. These ingredients can be found in our bestselling L-Ascorbic Concentrate.

Keep Skin Moisturized!

Having oily/acne-prone skin doesn’t mean you should be moisturizing less. In fact, hydrating skin keeps it balanced and your barrier in tact. Try an oil-free, lightweight formula ,such as our Lemon Blossom Skin Refining Cream, to keep skin healthy, happy and hydrated.