Enzyme Exfoliation Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin

October 15, 2019



Exfoliation is the key to any successful skincare routine, but most don’t know that how you exfoliate is equally as important. If you’re on a mission to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant for as long as possible, but you have sensitive skin, enzyme exfoliators are the way to go!

No Scrubbing Required

Enzyme exfoliation falls under the category of chemical exfoliation, which also includes acids like PHA. Both chemical exfoliation methods work well but enzyme exfoliators are naturally less harsh than acids. This is ideal for exfoliation-newbies and those with more sensitive skin. Enzymes can be found in various fruits and plants. They create a brightening effect for the skin by breaking down the keratin proteins in dead skin cells. This process effectively lifts those dead cells away, revealing more luminous and even skin underneath. This method is much gentler on your skin than mechanical exfoliation because there’s no scrubbing required. You just apply, and let the formula work its magic.

The star of the show

Magnolia Orchid has a chemical exfoliant designed to refresh and renew your  complexion without any of the harsh side effects of mechanical exfoliation. This enzyme exfoliator contains soothing aloe vera and a natural enzyme that exfoliates, refines, smooths and nourishes the skin. Aloe enzyme exfoliator