Crystal Soft Mask- Don’t pay spas to do it, because you can do it yourself at home!

October 23, 2018



Have you ever had a good facial mask during spa time? If you do, you probably wonder what kind of the mask they are using. We can look at Korea’s facial mask, which they normally called it as rubber facial mask. Most of these masks’ original form is powder, which you have to mix with water and make it look like jelly. After that, you put it on your face and wait till it dry out, Once it is dry, you can peel off the whole mask and it feels amazing! After using our Rose Crystal Soft Mask, you can see your face get brighten instantly, and it feels soft like mochi! It’s not hard to turn the powder into the crystal mask, just simply this video, shoot by one of our fan: So what are you waiting for? Get Magnolia Orchid’s Rose Crystal Soft Mask now and make your face great again!

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