Don’t slack on everything from the neck down! Discover new and better ways to take care of your skin.

An Integrated Skin Care Routine for Your Entire Body

Having beautiful skin from the head to toe requires using products formulated for whole body care. The skin on the rest of your body needs the same gentle care and ingredients as your face. Avoid anything loaded with fragrances and essential oils. If your’e going for a more even look all over, try incorporating retinol-based body products into your regular routine. Just like when you use it on your face, retinol works by enhancing cell turnover. Helping you shed dead skin cells faster, ultimately creating smoother more even looking skin. A retinol-based body products are a must have to improve the appearance of wrinkly skin on the chest, arms, and legs. Using AHA and BHA-based body products is another great way to exfoliate your whole body. AHA and BHA naturally help you shed old skin cells.As we age our natural skin renewal process slows. When skin can’t shed as it should, you get a build-up of dead skin on and below the surface of skin. Resulting in uneven skin tone throughout the body, dry, dull, rough and bumpy textured skin all over.

Mechanical Exfoliation is Not Enough

Cleansing isn’t as effective as exfoliating. Using body scrubs and exfoliating brushes will only clean the superficial level of the skin, therefore they aren’t as efficient as chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs. The source of your skin’s problem is usually below the epidermis, way beyond where scrubs and physical exfoliants can reach. Also, most body scrubs and exfoliating brushes are extremely harsh and end up damaging your skin, causing micro-tears. Look for body products with anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C, ubiquinone, hyaluronic acid and omega fatty-acids.

Moisturize Everyday!

If your skin tends to become very  dry, especially right after taking a shower then you probably need to switch to a gentler soap formula and check the hardness of your water. Look for moisturizing, lipid-rich soaps. If you use products that are too harsh, your skin can become extremely dry and irritated after use. When showering, make sure that the water is lukewarm not hot. Hot water can easily dehydrate the skin. After,gently pat your skin dry. To restore the hydrolipidic film that covers your epidermis and overall make your skin look and feel better, make moisturizing a daily habit. Every skin type needs moisturisation, oilier and more sensitive skin should stick to a lighter formulas. People with more mature skin should may want to look for body moisturizer with firming and lifting benefits.

Protect Yourself

In extreme weather take the proper precautions to protect your exposed skin. Your skin becomes more sensitive during the summer and winter. Staying out for long periods of time in cold and hot weather tend to dry out the skin. In extreme cold temperatures do not forget to protect your face, hands and neck. In hotter weather, make sure you apply sunscreen on all your exposed skin, not just your face and neck and reapply on a regular basis. . It is also highly recommended to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day.