Beauty Trends We’re Leaving In 2019

December 31, 2019



The best time for new habits is now! Before trying out a new skin care trend, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What does science have to say about it?
  2. Can the results be achieved through alternatives?
  3. Does it seem like the best option for your skin’s specific needs?
  4. Would you still do it if no one else was?
  5. Is it ultimately worth the money?

Lip Treatments

Throughout 2019, we’ve noticed lip treatments of just about every variety, masks, sheets, balms, gels, patches, etc. Fundamentally, they are miniature face masks for your lips. Usually, they are designed to be used overnight to help hydrate and plump the lips. Are they worth the hype? We think there are more cost efficient options.  Slathering on nourishing lip balm, a bit of eye cream or oil will do the same thing for a lot less money.

Full-Coverage Foundation

We can say with confidence that heavy matte and foundations, and the dry faces that come with them, are going out of style. Instead, replace thick makeup looks with a light, dewy finish. We’re bringing glass skin, natural skin,  and luminous skin with us in 2020.

Overdone Highlighter

Overdoing it on the highlighter is a trend we all fell for in the 2010’s, and probably now regret. Instead, apply a light facial oil to the high points of the face to create a healthy glow that looks natural.