An Acne Spot Treatment That Gets Rid of Pimples Fast

September 16, 2019



Have a blemish you need to get rid of fast? Look no further than our Tea Tree 3 Second Concealing Gel!Formulated with acne-fighting ingredients that diminishes inflammation, heals damaged skin and dramatically reduces the appearance of breakouts.   Our 3 Seconds Concealing Gel contains soothing tee tree oil, lemon blossom extract, honey suckle flower extract, cucumber extract, patchouli and esculin. These powerful, natural ingredients work to rapidly reduce inflammation reactions. An unparalleled acne spot treatment for most skin irritations, all ingredients are safe for sensitive skin. –Honeysuckle works as an antibacterial agent that suppresses skin inflammation reactions. –Patchouli helps heal wounded skin tissue by promoting skin cell regeneration and also reduces the appearance of acne. –Lemon Blossom eliminates dead skin cells and has skin brightening properties. It also cleanses, hydrates, tones and balances the skins natural oil levels.

Outstanding Treatment Combination

Using the latest chain-import technology, our oil-cleansing, relief and hydration formula is ideal for preventing acne, oil control, boosting hydration, and relieving skin irritation symptoms,   Our acne spot treatment also accelerates the skins natural metabolic process around acne spots, helping you maintain clean, smooth looking skin.

3 Seconds Concealing Gel Cures 10 MAJOR Skin Problems

1) Acne 2) Visible redness 3) Atopic dermatitis 4) Seborrhea 5) Inflamed skin 6) Itching sensation 7) Sunburn 8) Sensitive skin 9) Post Laser Surgery Treatment 10) Acne scaring Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin twice a day. This product can also be applied to wounded skin as soon as scab formation occurs. Do not apply to open or large wounds. click the link below for a quick demonstration on how to use our 3 Second Concealing Gel