3 Step Routine for Better Skin Each Day

March 23, 2018



When people talk about a proper skin care routine, we all think about facial washes, creams, toners, serums, and other cosmetic products. Unfortunately, in all the information you normally find online or hear from beauty experts, it is easy to “lose” the steps you need to take to properly use cosmetic products! But, what if I will tell you that the steps for a proper skincare routine are much simpler than it appears? In this article, we will talk about all the steps of a healthy skincare routine, in an easy and understandable way. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Cleaning Your Face

For your first step, everything is as simple as it sounds. If you have makeup on, gently remove it with micellar water or your favorite makeup remover. Use clean cotton pads or a makeup cloth for this step! Make sure you do not rub your skin too hard, and always follow the “massage lines” on your face. Be gentle with yourself, it is important! After this, use a cleansing oil! Simply apply a small amount of oil onto your fingertips, and gently massage the oil into your skin. Cleansing oil will help you to have soft and radiant skin, and it will clean your pores better than any other product! Make your hands wet with water, and gently rub your face. At this point, you may see your oil turning into a whitish color. When this happens, let it stay like this for about 30 seconds. Now, you can wash your face with your favorite face wash! A healthy and effective face wash process takes about 30 seconds of gently rubbing your face with cleanser.  If you are looking for even better results, you can use an electrical facial brush! If you have a facial steamer, now it’s time to use it with a drop of your favorite essential oil! If you don’t own one, simply skip this step. Following all of this, rinse everything with clean water and wipe your face with facial tissues. Use your favorite toner to remove any makeup or soap leftovers, since it will help you to make sure that there is no water left on your face. Spray some mist on your face, you deserve it! Do not worry about trying to remember all these steps, I know it isn’t easy. We will repeat all the steps at the end of the article, so just relax and read!

Step 2: Hydrating Your Face

Aside from just cleaning your face, another vital part of having healthy skin is hydrating! At first, you will think that we are just applying all the products in the world to your face. But, this is not exactly the case.  There is a specific reason for each step, and you will learn more below! First, apply an exfoliation product to your face. This step, on its own, can change your skin more than you could ever imagine! Avoid the skin around eyes and lips though, because you don’t want any unnecessary issues. After this, the second step is “essence.” Essence has the lightest texture compared to other products, and it is excellent for hydrating your skin. Massage it into your skin until it’s fully absorbed. Lastly, complete the facial hydration process by using a serum! Apply it the same way as you did with your essence, even though it has a slightly heavier texture. Also, just to repeat, make sure that all previous products are absorbed by your skin before applying a new layer. If you are looking for additional help, try to use a “sheet mask” for your face least 2-3 times a week! Many of the Asian “beauty goddesses” recommend using it every day! Not all of us have enough time for this step, so you can skip this step when you want to. At least try it though, it is worth the effort. The next step is an eye cream. If you have eye serum, apply it first. This is relatively self-explanatory, just make sure to be very gentle! Finally, we are in the moisturizer! After you have completed all the previous steps, just use your moisturizer and relax! If you are following this routine at night, simply apply and head to sleep. If you are following this in the morning, you are ready to head out for your day!  Either way, using a moisturizer is the last step to a well-hydrated face!

3. Bad Habits

“Telling” a big no to your bad habits is also a part of a proper skincare routine. As much as it is important to correctly follow the previous steps, you also need to stop yourself from doing additional damage to your skin. Examples of bad habits for your skin include:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking Alcohol in Large Amounts
  • Not Getting Enough Sleep
  • Not Eating a Diet Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
  • Not Drinking Enough Water (poor hydration)
  • Eating Too Much Fast Food
  • Habitually Touching Your Face Throughout the Day
  • Rubbing Your Face with too Much Force
All these habits are extremely horrible to your skin! Your skin care routine must include avoiding these actions, otherwise, you will never get the full benefit of the products you are using!

Concluding Thoughts

If we are to talk about the best skin care routine steps in one quick sentence, it will be: Makeup remover – Cleansing oil – Facial wash – Steamer (if you have one) – Toner – Mist – Exfoliation – Essence – Serum – Sheet Mask (if you have time) – Eye serum and/or an eye cream – Moisturizing. You can make a screenshot of this line and follow it each day! With time and practice, you will remember all these steps as a mantra! As you do it more often, it will be easy for you to do each day and your skin will visibly show the results!